Saturday, October 17, 2009

When Things get Dark

When things get dark, it's only clouds in the sky obscuring the light and warmth of the sun ... When things get dark it's not any less true or real ... Simply allow "this", whatever it may be to exist. Allowing it releases any fixation, any clinging, any fleeing ... any wanting to change it.
What "sees" and "allows" all this to be is the contemplation here at all times. What sees and allows This, just as it is?
It's simple.
Pull back your attention, just a little ... and everything shifts.
Away from the clouds, up and back to the Open Sky. This Eternal Vastness holds and contains it all ... absolutely all of it ...Simply pull out, back and up ... and see the freedom that always is, in simply allowing for what is, to be.
It may not feel good, it may not be nice but it is what is ... allow it and you'll very naturally "see" from what you really are.
The darkness is a state, as is the light but what embraces both is not - It's never changing, always present, eternal, free, spacious and all knowing. This that allows all things to be is beyond good and bad. This ... beyond the pull of opposing forces is always free, always at peace, always present ... and This is you!

"The Chinese thrush sings in my heart and grey clouds gather in the empty sky of my mind."
Robert Aiken Roshi

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