Thursday, July 5, 2012

There Really is Nothing Else

We are at a pivotal moment in time and place, this point where all roads converge ... we are here, right here, right now. This moment is radiating with Presence, it's awash with beingness ... simply being as it is.
When God dreams, form manifests. And this form is you, me and all of life. It's all God in expression, yet for so many it's nothing but misery. Why? It's not yet seen that the misery is only in our own minds. Our own thinking is what separates us from Heaven. Obvious to those who see this, yet a vast chasm of darkness exists between ourselves and this realisation, until it's seen. Then it all vanishes and what reveals itself is the simple yet obvious truth that God is dreaming us into being ... moment by moment.
If you are still seeking your own realisation of God's omnipresence, simply stop for a moment. Breathe in, and as you do rise up gently to the top of the breath ... pause here ... now look, simply look ... listen ... and on the out breath ... allow, simply allow everthing to be just as it is. Try it again ... Deep gentle breath in ... pause at the top of the breath ... look ... listen ... now, gently letting go on the out breath ... allow. One more time ... breathe in ... pause ... look ... listen ... and on the out breath ... allow. Notice where you are, how you feel. There's now a gentle sweet awareness with you, as if looking over your shoulder, but actually seeing through your eyes and feeling through your heart. You are being lived. This is that vast, infinite and eternal expanse that is always present but not always noticed. This is the "What is looking" in Rumi's contemplation seed: "What you are looking for is what is looking." ... You/It.
And this is the eternal cosmic dance we all dance, whether we know it yet or not ...
Here's a thought: You were created because God wanted a dancing partner.
You are here to be the instrument for sharing this vast and eternal presence. If you know this, then life is lived for This, as This. And every action within it is actually God loving, as we go about it. It's a humbling thought ...This You/It realisation. You already are all that you seek. When this is seen, clarity becomes a constant companion ... even in the unclear moments. Not the knowledge of the mind but the clear peace of the heart. And this allows all life to be as it is, allows all people to be as they are.
Right now, right here, where all roads converge ... we find ourselves. And this is how it is at every convergence, in every moment. Past, present and future all converge right here ... in this very moment. What do you see, what do you feel, what do you know?
Whatever it is, wherever you are ... it's perfect just as it is.
Trust this ... there really is nothing else.