Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Welcome to the New Earth!

What is this deep mystery that pulses through this body … this that breathes through each breath … this that feels through every feeling? What is this vast and unimaginable force that brings life, consciousness and awareness to all that it courses through? What is this that our thoughts call “me”? And how could this vast, infinite and deeply impersonal presence even be hinted at as a “me”? What is this?

Looking out, as far as the eye can see and as far as the inner eye can imagine … it’s all this same “one”. Looking in, as far back as we dare to look … it’s here … vast, unfathomable, infinite, eternal, breathtakingly incomprehensible. And we dare to call this “me”?

This deep mystery that peers through these eyes limits itself into our thinking mind as a thought, an idea, an image of “me” and for most of us, this goes unchallenged until the day we die.

What happens if this that flows through all form, including “me” and “you”, what happens if this is explored … unmasked? Where will it lead us?

I don’t know. “I” will never know the truth of this foreverness, this that sits at the heart of all of existence. In abandoning the search to know intellectually, we venture into new territory, into uncharted waters where perception shifts from thinking and feeling to formless sensing … the instantaneous awareness of what is before we begin to think about it. This takes place before time takes hold of it … it’s profoundly present yet ungraspable, unreachable, untouchable with our minds.

But it can be “seen” … it can be “known” … In fact, it’s always already seeing, always already knowing … without any content.

It’s a felt sense that feels before it’s felt, seen before it’s seen, known before it’s known … it’s “seen the moment you look, free the moment it’s seen…” every moment.

So what is This? This deep, vast, great mystery of being at play here? What is it?

It is our true nature, always forever here, always forever present … simply seeing, knowing and being in this totally unimaginable way.

Come back to This … honour This … it’s what you really are, always have been and always will be. Release the “known” and allow this unimaginable unknown to be your constant “felt reality”. It’s always, forever now … welcome to the New Earth!


We exist in eternity
Dreaming we are caught in time.
We embody infinity
Yet dream we are confined in space.

What a trick …
What a Master Illusion this is.

We purposefully limit
And confound ourselves
So we may experience
What is beyond experience.

Love calls …
We prick up our ears
Our hearts open
And we listen. 

If we open up enough
It all turns upside down and outside in.
And we “see” what can’t be seen
And “hear” what can’t be heard.
And feel what is beyond feeling’s grasp.

Eternity breathes
Infinity awakens
And life is witnessed as Itself.
Aware, awake and alive …
Fully alive forever now.

When the conundrum
Of this Master Illusion
Is seen through
We are at risk of realising Truth.
Ah what a joyously empty surprise!