Friday, August 9, 2013

Simply See

See the one you’re with. Do this today if loving them is a challenge for you right now. You know, what isn’t lovable is not that one before you, it’s your image of them that obstructs the truth and beauty of what’s right in front of us.

This “seeing” is not done by the eyes but the eyes can help. If you breathe in, relax and drop back in to the chest where breathing starts and ends, there you’ll find a secret seeing. It’s always there but not always noticed. When we drop back into this, our whole body begins to “see”, not just the eyes but every cell in our being becomes an “eye”.

Sit in this by being here and simply breathe … Now let this be a felt experience. Encounter what is happening from here … you’ll quickly notice the perfection that surrounds you and fills you. As you look around, begin with the sounds you hear … this is the pulsation of Presence, reverberating in you and around you … feel into it with this “seeing”.

Rumi reminds us to “listen with the ear of the Heart” … this is the “seeing” we are experiencing here. Sit in this and let the atoms caress your ears. You’ll notice with the felt sensation that the stillness that begins to establish itself emanates a sweet inner sound … a soft almost imperceptible whoosh or hum … let this inner sound sweep through you as you look and listen.

Notice how the atmosphere shifts … every little sound and sight feels so right and so perfect. This is pure Heart Song. 

Now, take note of this Beingness you are immersed in.

This never really leaves you. This is always here, it’s simply a matter of taking the time to “see” this.

The next step is an important and powerful one. When the one you are with comes near you now, drop back into this and “see” them. Try it, simply “see” them, and see what happens in this seeing.

Try it today and watch your life transform.