Friday, October 16, 2009

Thou Art That

Thou art that - tat tvam asi.
Not the "little me" that we are so identified with but the One looking through these eyes, the subtle essence of our own being ... the Eternal Vastness, that supreme identity, the One.
Ken Wilber articulates this beautifully, "For in the entire Cosmos, there is only one Self; in the entire Cosmos, there is only one Spirit - and thus the Self that is reading this page is exactly the Self that wrote it."
This is not an intellectual understanding.
Wilber invites us to enter deeply:
"Do you recognise the Timeless One, even here and now, that is spontaneously aware of all of this? If so, please tell me, Who and what are you, when you are deeper within? Clouds pass by, feelings pass by, thoughts pass by - but what in you does not pass by? Do you see that One? Can you say its name?"
This is the search for what is True, Real and Lasting. It's the search we are all on, knowingly or otherwise. But, in truth, only when the search is undertaken knowingly does the journey really begin. Until this moment, it is all simply foreplay. When we have finally reached that point where nothing, absolutely nothing makes sense anymore, when there is nowhere left to hide, where no other distraction will suffice ... this place called the Well of Despair, only when we reach here are we ready to begin the ascent/descent through the gateless gate into our own true nature. Only now are we ripe enough to fall off the tree of life and allow for the slow death of our limited identity to take hold ... only now are we ready to see our True Face, to begin to discover what was always already here - the Eternal Vastness that we really are.
This and only This will satisfy the quest for what is True, Real and Lasting, for only This ... only This is.

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Thanks for sharing your wonderful insights Leo.