Thursday, May 28, 2015

It’s all Sacred

It’s all sacred. When it’s realised that without is within, it’s realised that it’s all made out of the very same fabric of creation or God’s Presence as consciousness. When it’s seen that everything that arises within your consciousness is being created out of the very same living divine Presence … it’s all seen as being equal. No object is better or worse, higher or lower, more or less … it’s all sacred because it’s all the presence of the Divine, arising within consciousness.
There is no outside and in truth no inside too … it’s all simply emptiness filled with divine love … the natural, clear, open spacious awareness of the heart.  If all and everything is naturally arising in consciousness, as consciousness then how can one arising be better or more real or more pure than another? If it’s all created out of the very same substance … this love of God?
This realisation is transparent … it cannot be seen, yet sits as Truth within each miraculous moment … every arising, every new encounter … simply God meeting God … Life meeting life … Love meeting love.
In this view, as this view, there’s no striving to locate it, there’s no seeking the elusive other state of perfection, enlightenment if you will … because everything is This … Everything … absolutely everything.
So, nothing exists outside of consciousness, nothing ever has, nothing ever will. Because it’s all simply Self manifesting as other for the sake of seeing self and other as One.
When it’s seen, when it’s clearly seen and realised … Each moment is revealed as another encounter with the Divine … fresh, new, clear, true and real.
No judgment … no higher or lower seeing, simply seeing it as part of one’s own true nature, one’s own fabric of being … this is love.
And, now the great adventure truly begins. As the love of the heart has now revealed its own presence as life itself, within one’s own consciousness, there’s only this continued seeing of the Divine presenting Itself as new form … within each moment. How can it not all be sacred? Everything … absolutely everything is sacred because it’s all the One revealing Itself through the many. Not “out there” … not “in here”  … but simply the Eternal Vastness that is the only field of consciousness, right before our very eyes. Everything …. Absolutely everything is sacred.

Your thoughts are not you
But are made out of you.
Your thoughts are your creations
And you can dance with them.
But be careful not to lose yourself in them.

Your thoughts, all of them
Good, bad or in between.
All of them are not you
But they are made out of you.

You can look at the miracle of their existence
Dancing mysteriously in the sun.
Or you can become them for a while.
But, know that your thoughts are not you.
They are made out of you.

What a dance this can be
this sacred dance of Clear Seeing.
You, reflected in these ephemeral bubbles of Light.
Learn to dance with them.

Do not desire them, do not fear them.
They are simply bubbles of “You-nesss”.
See these thoughts for what they truly are …
Miraculous outpourings of spontaneous
reflections of God’s Light.

They dwell here for a while …
They were birthed in you, they took their breath from you
and they will die their own natural death in you.

Know this: Your thoughts are not you.
They are made out of you.
Your thoughts are not you.