Sunday, October 18, 2009

Always Ride out in Clarity

It's important to never come out of meditation or a spiritual exercise riding a thought ... caught in the content of the mind. It's vital that we exit consciously. This is the only way to develop mastery. Coming out with clear intent leads to the freedom that is available beyond the good and bad, the like and dislike, the lost and found department that is our mind.
Riding out in a thought can hold us captive in/by that thought. Riding out in clarity and freedom allows for what is ... to be.
It's a subtle trap yet a huge one that has held us in samsara for countless eons. We ourselves create our own self-made prisons, our little cells of likes and dislikes, and never come close to real freedom.
Yet in truth, we are always already free, but forsake this freedom by believing in the false reality of our imagined world.
Outside of thought immense love, joy and presence always abides. This is here and available always, yet we let ourselves fall into the snare of our thinking.
In reality, we are the Eternal Vastness ... always already free and fully awake.
Seeing from This ... not falling into the throng of forgetfullness, this lost and found department of our minds ... we see, know and be ... and we are This.
If we find ourselves in contraction and suffering, the simple way back to our innate awakened nature is to first realise we are temporarily caught in a thought ... then to take a breath and watch carefully, allowing for the thought to dissipate ... by not feeding it more thoughts but by simply letting it rise and naturally fall away. Then releasing, we simply allow for what inevitably always takes place when thought dissipates ... we simply allow for the forever here, pure and natural, wakeful presence, unformed and unmanifest ... to be.
It's always already here anyway. All we've done id let thought be ... and allowed its natural end to occur ... then watch carefully for what is already present to be "seen".
This unconditioned, clear pure Eternal Vastness is always here ... we simply choose to not go into what appears to be, by allowing for what truly is ... to be. This is the only way to freedom.

"Enlightenment is just knowing what is.
That is called sahaja, which means 'natural',
it means just seeing clearly."
Swami Dayanda Saraswati

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