Monday, April 22, 2013

This Moment Is You

This Moment is you. In this moment, you are, you exist. But it’s more than just the “you” you believe yourself to be, so much more.
The “you” you believe yourself to be is one small wave of Presence in the great Ocean of Infinite and Eternal Beingness.
And this vast Expanse knows no bounds. This vast Expanse contains all things, allows all things, is all things. This you are. And in this moment all and everything is accessible and available to you.

See It
Drop back in and let your heart see This ….

It doesn’t take much, no effort at all really. Simply a gentle and very natural fall back in to This … In to what? This?
Yes This. This is what all of life emanates from and what all of life is. Emptiness is form … form is emptiness. See This …

The Heart naturally and effortlessly “sees” … all it takes is that last step …. That final “one last drop” … where the wave is seen as part of the Ocean and the Ocean lovingly allows for the wave to simply be as it is. To simply be. See It …
Know It

Yes know It, but not in the way we normally know things, with our thoughts and imaginings about what we see. No, know It directly by becoming intimate with It. How? By simply acknowledging Its constancy. This is always here. This is always available. This is It.
Allow for the unspoken silent and ever-present gift of in-sight to reveal Its mystery to you … to reveal Its magnificence and Its self-evident “not knowing knowingness”.
This can’t be known with the mind yet it’s always already known by the Heart.

Simply listen … look … and allow. And with the profound presence, this ageless vast and pure beingness reveals Itself to you. This can be known … intimately known as the All and Everything … this that you are. Know It.
Be It

What else can you be when all things are in truth This anyway? All things come from This and all things go back to This. Be This that you are. Not become … there’s no real becoming, all that becomes, in truth already is. Be It.

In allowing yourself to drop back into a  sweet relaxed  “nothing to do” surrender to This … it becomes evident and obvious that this you always are …. Always have been, always will be. This you are … Now, create no gap around what is and what   you see, know and be/are.
Allow the Being to simply be … no effort to be, no waiting to be, no changing to be … simply Be.
See, know and Be This and …
You are free.