Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Quail in the Fields of Spring

You came to me the other night to remind me of the importance of caring and connection. You sat quietly in that precious space of pure being … interbeing. And I sat quietly with you, mostly in silence and stillness.

You gently reminded me that one of the primary awakenings on the path was to the Self.

“When this Self is realised,” you whispered, “vast, eternal surrounds reveal themselves as our ground of being. And in this, as this, from this … immense love always dwells and flows.

“And from its outpouring we awaken to our own innate and ever abiding freedom …. The spiritual liberation of the Self, the Soul, the Jivan Mukta.”

As we sat together in the vast, gentle and sweet silence, I was reminded that on entering this life, we come in with a vision, a mission and a plan. Our days are truly numbered, yet, each one a stepping stone deeper, closer, clearer … moving us back into that which we have now realised ourselves to be. And from this, looking out into the world and trusting that all we really came to do was to love.

Sitting together, in this new way, I feel deeply loved, deeply protected and cared for and deeply connected to the God that creates and dis-creates all things.

Sitting here, you have reminded me that yes, I am eternal, but my days in this life are truly numbered. A sobering reminder to be with each day, as they will quickly pass.

I take a deep breath in and allow my heart to listen for the whispers and in the silence, three instructions arrive:

1.       Be “with” each moment. Sit in “my” presence, know that I am here with you always, and be “in” each moment, allowing it to reveal the purity of being that it always contains.

2.       Share the gifts you receive. Your life is yours to live as you choose and in it, infinite opportunities will arise to share the Presence that is the only constancy. Open up to the truth that no matter where you are or what you do – love dwells here.

3.       Live as the Self. Liberation asks only one thing of us – to live authentically, with courage to be who we really are, to live as THIS. And to remember, that every breath is another doorway in ... and out. Always come back to THIS and freedom is eternally yours.


Rumi reminds us:

“Come and be Love’s willing slave, for Love’s slavery will save you. Forsake the slavery of this world and take up Love’s sweet service.

“The free, the world enslaves, but to slaves Love grants freedom. I crave release from this world like a bird from its egg; free me from this shell that clings. As from the grave, grant me new life.

“O Love, be as the quail in the free fields of spring, wildly singing its song of Joy!”


Thursday, May 28, 2015

It’s all Sacred

It’s all sacred. When it’s realised that without is within, it’s realised that it’s all made out of the very same fabric of creation or God’s Presence as consciousness. When it’s seen that everything that arises within your consciousness is being created out of the very same living divine Presence … it’s all seen as being equal. No object is better or worse, higher or lower, more or less … it’s all sacred because it’s all the presence of the Divine, arising within consciousness.
There is no outside and in truth no inside too … it’s all simply emptiness filled with divine love … the natural, clear, open spacious awareness of the heart.  If all and everything is naturally arising in consciousness, as consciousness then how can one arising be better or more real or more pure than another? If it’s all created out of the very same substance … this love of God?
This realisation is transparent … it cannot be seen, yet sits as Truth within each miraculous moment … every arising, every new encounter … simply God meeting God … Life meeting life … Love meeting love.
In this view, as this view, there’s no striving to locate it, there’s no seeking the elusive other state of perfection, enlightenment if you will … because everything is This … Everything … absolutely everything.
So, nothing exists outside of consciousness, nothing ever has, nothing ever will. Because it’s all simply Self manifesting as other for the sake of seeing self and other as One.
When it’s seen, when it’s clearly seen and realised … Each moment is revealed as another encounter with the Divine … fresh, new, clear, true and real.
No judgment … no higher or lower seeing, simply seeing it as part of one’s own true nature, one’s own fabric of being … this is love.
And, now the great adventure truly begins. As the love of the heart has now revealed its own presence as life itself, within one’s own consciousness, there’s only this continued seeing of the Divine presenting Itself as new form … within each moment. How can it not all be sacred? Everything … absolutely everything is sacred because it’s all the One revealing Itself through the many. Not “out there” … not “in here”  … but simply the Eternal Vastness that is the only field of consciousness, right before our very eyes. Everything …. Absolutely everything is sacred.

Your thoughts are not you
But are made out of you.
Your thoughts are your creations
And you can dance with them.
But be careful not to lose yourself in them.

Your thoughts, all of them
Good, bad or in between.
All of them are not you
But they are made out of you.

You can look at the miracle of their existence
Dancing mysteriously in the sun.
Or you can become them for a while.
But, know that your thoughts are not you.
They are made out of you.

What a dance this can be
this sacred dance of Clear Seeing.
You, reflected in these ephemeral bubbles of Light.
Learn to dance with them.

Do not desire them, do not fear them.
They are simply bubbles of “You-nesss”.
See these thoughts for what they truly are …
Miraculous outpourings of spontaneous
reflections of God’s Light.

They dwell here for a while …
They were birthed in you, they took their breath from you
and they will die their own natural death in you.

Know this: Your thoughts are not you.
They are made out of you.
Your thoughts are not you.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Everything is Music

Our whole life truly is a song … one endless melody sung with the heart.
Each year, each month, each day, each moment … is a part of this song we have come here to sing. And this sweet Heart song, holding both the pleasure and the pain, the good and the bad, the highs and the lows … all of it, absolutely all of it, is part of this divine manifesting. And, we aren’t simply practicing to sing it … we are actually singing this song with every breath we take.
In all its mystery, the events in our lives can, at times, appear as chaotic and seemingly without rhyme or reason, without purpose, yet …  in every moment, we are actually playing each note of the eternal melody. This Heart song is this very life we are living, this life … from beginning to end, filled with days of connection and disconnection, knowing and confusion … all following the natural blueprint that our hearts were birthed with when we entered these bodies in this lifetime.
So, how is your song sounding today?
If joyous … good.
If not … fine.
Practicing the Way of the Third Patriarch is actually a beautiful Heartsong in itself:

If you wish to see the truth

then hold no opinions for or against anything.

To set up what you like against what you dislike

is the disease of the mind.

When the deep meaning of things is not understood,

the mind’s essential peace is disturbed to no avail.

The Way is perfect like vast space

where nothing is lacking and nothing in excess.

Indeed, it is due to our choosing to accept or reject

that we do not see the true nature of things.

If we step back a bit and attune to the currents that flow through us in our daily lives, we meet the possibility of discovering that just where we are … Joy is available. In fact, this Joy is the “true nature of things” … the very music that sings through us moment by moment. It’s our true essence and if we make the time, the music in our hearts can be heard and will raise us Home.

Here’s Rumi’s invitation to listen with the ear of the Heart:

We have fallen into the place
where everything is music.

The strumming and the flute notes
rise into the atmosphere,
and if the whole world's harp
should burn up,
there will still be hidden instruments
playing, playing 

This singing art
is sea foam.
The graceful movements
come from a pearl
on the ocean floor.

Poems reach up like spindrift
and the edge of driftwood
along the beach
wanting, wanting

They derive from a slow
and powerful root
that we cannot see.

Stop the words now.
Open the window
in the centre of your chest,
and let the spirits fly
in and out!

Friday, November 28, 2014

And so this is Christmas ...

OK … here we all are, the season for giving and receiving is upon us once again.
So, what’s it like this time of year for you? Are you happy to be celebrating or do you question its relevance or significance these days?

It’s actually the perfect time to relax and deepen into a fuller appreciation for what is real and true by listening to all that’s being offered. In his beautiful book “Seven Thousand Ways to Listen” Mark Nepo offers just this, the infinite ways we can allow the world to touch us and move through us by listening with all our being.
“Deep listening,” Nepo says, “is a form of gifted receiving.”

And isn’t this so? We usually feel at our lightest, we feel the most inspired, aligned and attuned when we are at one with That which whispers through our hearts. When we listen in this way everything makes sense and feels perfect just as it is. This could also be called the “Gift of Presence”, and whenever it presents itself in our lives we always feel blessed and grateful.

As we go about our Christmas and New Year’s celebrating, we could take this as another opportunity to dive a little deeper in the company of loved ones around us. Instead of simply gifting presents we could offer our own presence, making ourselves more available to all our family and friends. Surely this is what these gatherings are really all about.

And, there’s also that after effect that happens when all the celebrating ends. Here lies another opportunity to deepen. Instead of getting caught in the collective dullness hangover, wondering what all the fuss was about, we can simply sit with what is and allow the call to our next cycle of growth to meet us in our listening.

And, it’s good to remember that it’s all a gift of giving and receiving, every single breath we take is a gift. Remembering this gives us the willing heart to move forward no matter how life appears or presents itself.
In conclusion, here’s Nepo again:

Let the gifts stitch or cut the web
Let what needs to come together or break apart
Come together or break apart.

Let the miracles, even the ones we don’t want or see, unfold.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Only the Love is Real

Only the love is real ... When everything else drops away, through either willingly letting go or through having it forcefully taken away from us, all that remains is the love ... Pure, clear, constant, ever-present, joyous, precious ... So very precious.

No matter what story we carry, how good or bad everything feels ... Behind it, at the back of it all is this perfect love.

As we get older, the stories we harbour may become more ingrained but if we dare to step back from them for a moment ... We easily see that it's the love that allows them to be.

My mum has dementia. She cuts and pastes together memories of moments in her life that have made an impact on her. Every time the story is retold, it's a little different, she adds another piece from another place and time in her life, creating a "new" mind-loop to be caught up in. Then as soon as she's had her fill, of laughter and of tears ... She slows down and stills back into the emptiness ... And ... The love is there. The truth of her is this love ... The truth of  us all is this love.

Watching my mother slowly lose her mind reveals to me how we all operate ... We too cut and paste the thoughts and feelings of our past and create a "memory" across the screen of the moment. It feels so very real, so very true ... But it's just as unreal as my mother's dementia fantasies ... The only difference being that we believe our "cut and paste" jobs are more sane or coherent somehow. But, it's all a story ... A creation that spellbinds us too.

If seen through we will be free to simply allow the love to shine through, as it always does anyway.
This is our purpose here, to dream our dreams, cut and paste our memories, then see clearly once and for all that's all we've ever been doing ... And catch a glimpse of the love that is left ... The only thing that is real and eternal. And if that glimpse is profound enough, it will continue to awaken our hearts, right through to the very last breath we take ... Where only the love will remain.
Only the love ...that's all there ever is, was , or will be.

Only the love ...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Playing Inner Scrabble

In a dream  the other night I was playing a game of “Inner Scrabble” with a small group of people. We had all picked our seven letters, then arranged them into words. This was similar to the normal game of Scrabble, but we didn’t win or lose by the word score, but by the word’s true worth, it’s meaning … and everyone could be a winner.
One person in the group complained that they had a bad batch of letters … “You picked them,” I said. “But you can exchange them for another set if you want to.”
Life’s a bit like this: A bunch of letters drop into our world … we can choose another set, or we can settle for what’s arrived, making the most of it. No matter, it’s ultimately up to us to creatively arrange the chosen letters into words … these words become thoughts …which then become actions … which we then experience as our karmic journeys … our very lives.
We can work with the first set that pops up and create wonderful lives … if we learn how to live … or we can keep forever trying to get a better set, a more perfect set of letters.
But, it’s not the letters, but how we arrange them that counts. Sometimes, a “bad” batch can create miraculous results … winning right through our lives. At other times a “good” batch can deliver one misery after another.
It’s not about the letters, it’s how we arrange them that counts.
So, here we go … let’s say you pick the letters “V” … “I” … “L”... “E”…
What would you make out of this set?
1.       Vile?
2.       Evil?
3.       Veil?
4.       Live?
Same 4 letters … such different outcomes.
So then you receive the letters “G” and “O” …
Add these to the letters above and see where it takes you … I’d take it here: LOVING,
with a letter “E” left over to become whatever it chooses to be.
If a “B” happens to show up, you are home.
Be Loving …

We create it all.

PS Did you notice that I didn't pick the letter "N" above? Ah ... no matter, I didn't either until after I wrote this. Again, it just  goes to show ... It's not about the letters or how many, but how we arrange them.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Simply See

See the one you’re with. Do this today if loving them is a challenge for you right now. You know, what isn’t lovable is not that one before you, it’s your image of them that obstructs the truth and beauty of what’s right in front of us.

This “seeing” is not done by the eyes but the eyes can help. If you breathe in, relax and drop back in to the chest where breathing starts and ends, there you’ll find a secret seeing. It’s always there but not always noticed. When we drop back into this, our whole body begins to “see”, not just the eyes but every cell in our being becomes an “eye”.

Sit in this by being here and simply breathe … Now let this be a felt experience. Encounter what is happening from here … you’ll quickly notice the perfection that surrounds you and fills you. As you look around, begin with the sounds you hear … this is the pulsation of Presence, reverberating in you and around you … feel into it with this “seeing”.

Rumi reminds us to “listen with the ear of the Heart” … this is the “seeing” we are experiencing here. Sit in this and let the atoms caress your ears. You’ll notice with the felt sensation that the stillness that begins to establish itself emanates a sweet inner sound … a soft almost imperceptible whoosh or hum … let this inner sound sweep through you as you look and listen.

Notice how the atmosphere shifts … every little sound and sight feels so right and so perfect. This is pure Heart Song. 

Now, take note of this Beingness you are immersed in.

This never really leaves you. This is always here, it’s simply a matter of taking the time to “see” this.

The next step is an important and powerful one. When the one you are with comes near you now, drop back into this and “see” them. Try it, simply “see” them, and see what happens in this seeing.

Try it today and watch your life transform.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Only Thing we Need to Do

“The only thing we need to do is be.”

-Lao Tzu


Do … do … do … driven by doing. Not just outer doing, but inner doing too. The mind is constantly in overdrive to do, looking for the next thing to do now, or to put on our “To Do” list for later.

This constant scurry of activity or “movement of the mind” is the driving force in most people’s lives, and creates all our suffering.

Making time for “being” can be challenging as we try to carve space out of this constant drive to do. Yet, in truth, it’s the only real necessity. The only thing we really need to do is to be, as Lao Tzu said all those hundreds of years ago.

If we stop for a moment, most of us find it difficult to stay in the “not-doing” placeless place of being for very long. As soon as the next thought arises, usually about something that needs doing or we desire to do, we immediately get caught in its stickiness and mindlessly, unquestioningly go forward to do its bidding.

How often do you find yourself in that place that could be a relaxing into emptiness, into simply being, and fill it with the seeking out what to do next, or what to do now. How about just being? For most, easier said than done. There’s that word again … it’s a slave driver, constantly demanding our attention: Do … do … do …

Try doing this: Sit down for 10 minutes. Not 30, not 20 … just 10 minutes. And with the intention to sit for the full 10 minutes.
As you sit in silence, you can “do” this: Watch your breath.

On the in breath think the thought “Let it happen”. On the out breath, think the thought “Let it go”. That’s it … that’s all you need to do in these 10 minutes. And, you may find it won’t be easy, but stay with it and keep bringing yourself back to the exercise.

As thoughts arise, your addiction to them will tempt you to follow them and drop the exercise. Watch carefully yet gently. Notice the desire to stop practicing … really see it, then simply continue, back into observing and “doing” the technique: On the in breath, “Let it happen” and on the out breath, “Let it go”.  You may come to the point of wanting to stop the practice once, twice, three times or more in the 10 minutes … simply take note, but keep going.

These 10 minutes may well be the most important 10 minutes in your life. By simply taking note of what is, watching carefully all our caught-upedness and addiction to thought, and simply “Let it happen” and “Let it go”. In fact, this exercise doesn’t need to stop after the 10 minutes. Take it out into your day and see what happens.
Breathe In … Let it happen
Breathe out … and let it go
Breathe In … Let it happen
Breathe out … and let it go

The only thing you need to do is be.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Freedom Is

The need to be free is really the ego feeling its own self-made entrapment. In truth, Freedom is.

Freedom is our own true nature … as Unconditioned Awareness, there is no movement into or away from This, this that we always are and always will be. The only movement “towards” or “away” from This, takes place in our minds. Our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our sensations … all simply happen, yet the pull “for” or “against” them is what creates and perpetuates the semblance of separation, the split that is the need to go towards or away from something else, something other than what is, ultimately the movement away from This … and that’s why we suffer.

Freedom is. These two words speak volumes about truth, reality and suffering. As soon as our attention falls into identification with our thoughts, we lose ourselves yet again in the egoic trance that holds 99% of humanity captive.

It’s subtle … yet, it’s also very simple: Freedom is.

It’s not a constructed or created form of freedom but the actual Free Beingness that allows for all of life to continue to live and evolve.

This innate freedom is the very fabric of life itself, it’s the backdrop of life and it’s also the foreground. It’s all this very same one Freedom, breathing Itself into each moment, being each moment … allowing all of creation to pulsate, expand, contract and express and be.

Yet, something so constant, so present and so readily available is so very easily overlooked. Why and how?
Our inability to recognise what’s actually happening  keeps us captive and spellbound in our heads.

The truth is, free we are … vast, eternal, pure, clear, loving and so very real ... just as we are.

This … This … This … This one 4 letter word points to This that is.

If we let go, stop trying to hold It, stop trying to find It, stop trying to know It … This reveals Itself.

Freedom is … simply drop back in … not in movement, but in that simple allowing that calls us back to the Heart.

Here, all is clear. The Heart is the Infinite Eternal Spacious Beingness that simply is and simply allows … see This … Know This … Be This ...

Freedom is in This.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


HeartDrop. I stumbled into this word the other day, can't remember where.
HeartDrop ... I love the sound of it ... but what does it mean?
For me it describes the precious moments we allow ourselves to drop back into the Heart ... those moments of non-separation ... yes, the unconditioned awareness that is our natural state.
Each moment is in truth always already a HeartDrop whether we are aware of it or not ... becoming aware of it brings in the Joy that is already here, awaiting Its recognition.
The Heart sees ... the Heart feels ... the Heart tastes ... the Heart knows, but not in the same way as the mind.
The Heart is the ground of Being that holds all of life. It's the spaciousness that is vast and eternal, it's what is before thought lays claim to it, yet, mysteriously it's also the very essence of what thought is too.
This moment, just as it is, is always a HeartDrop.
HeartDrop is also the delicate droplet of bliss, of joy, of insight that gently flows out into our lives. These droplets are the pure essence of Being. These HeartDrops are the Love tears of the Divine ... both tears of joy and tears of sorrow that emanate from the very same source of stillness that sits right here, right where we are right now ... You are a HeartDrop.
One drop of purity that is equal to the Infinite ocean of Eternal Love that is Source ... God Itself. You are That. And there's no separating This from That ... no separation between This that you are from That.
When we drop back into our hearts a profound mystery instantly reveals itself. The little contracted, thought-constructed sense of self that inhabits our minds vanishes and the Vast, Infinite and Eternal Beingness that we truly are reveals Itself as the everpresent ground of constancy that we are. No questions ... no answers ... all is resolved in this HeartDrop.
The way back in to the Heart is not a long road, it's not complicated or difficult really ...but it does take courage and a willingness to consciously cease identifying ourselves in our memories.
When we stop believing the thoughts that construct the "little me" of separation, we give ourselves the space to drop back in ... to drop back down  ... to fall into grace, back into our Hearts.
How? Stop believing in the thoughts about "me" and "you" ... stop giving over our unconscious attention to the mind, and allow the miracle of This, just as It is to reveal Itself.
Do the HeartDrop and set youself free.

Monday, April 22, 2013

This Moment Is You

This Moment is you. In this moment, you are, you exist. But it’s more than just the “you” you believe yourself to be, so much more.
The “you” you believe yourself to be is one small wave of Presence in the great Ocean of Infinite and Eternal Beingness.
And this vast Expanse knows no bounds. This vast Expanse contains all things, allows all things, is all things. This you are. And in this moment all and everything is accessible and available to you.

See It
Drop back in and let your heart see This ….

It doesn’t take much, no effort at all really. Simply a gentle and very natural fall back in to This … In to what? This?
Yes This. This is what all of life emanates from and what all of life is. Emptiness is form … form is emptiness. See This …

The Heart naturally and effortlessly “sees” … all it takes is that last step …. That final “one last drop” … where the wave is seen as part of the Ocean and the Ocean lovingly allows for the wave to simply be as it is. To simply be. See It …
Know It

Yes know It, but not in the way we normally know things, with our thoughts and imaginings about what we see. No, know It directly by becoming intimate with It. How? By simply acknowledging Its constancy. This is always here. This is always available. This is It.
Allow for the unspoken silent and ever-present gift of in-sight to reveal Its mystery to you … to reveal Its magnificence and Its self-evident “not knowing knowingness”.
This can’t be known with the mind yet it’s always already known by the Heart.

Simply listen … look … and allow. And with the profound presence, this ageless vast and pure beingness reveals Itself to you. This can be known … intimately known as the All and Everything … this that you are. Know It.
Be It

What else can you be when all things are in truth This anyway? All things come from This and all things go back to This. Be This that you are. Not become … there’s no real becoming, all that becomes, in truth already is. Be It.

In allowing yourself to drop back into a  sweet relaxed  “nothing to do” surrender to This … it becomes evident and obvious that this you always are …. Always have been, always will be. This you are … Now, create no gap around what is and what   you see, know and be/are.
Allow the Being to simply be … no effort to be, no waiting to be, no changing to be … simply Be.
See, know and Be This and …
You are free.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Gap is Always Here

Wait a second.

Stop just a moment.

Nothing you do, or don’t do will get you any closer to This.

Every time a thought ends … there’s a gap. This gap is vast beyond measure and allows for all form to manifest and exist. But there’s a natural ending ... a natural death to all form. Watch each thought … no, maybe that’s a little hard because it’s so difficult to extricate our beingness from thought, as it’s the very thing that gives thought the liberty to be.

No, an easier way is to catch the natural death of a thought. One thought … any thought. Try it with the thought you are entertaining right now … as soon as you become aware that you are thinking, take note of the space and emptiness that happens as  the thought dissipates …   Here you will find a gap. Call it what you will, I like “This Blessed Isle”, a term coined by Thich Nhat Hanh … the gap will reveal itself naturally, effortlessly. Sit in the gap, contemplate the gap …

Now, you’ll feel a very natural pull to another thought. In attention goes again. One second … ten … thirty. But it will end and you will inevitably find yourself back on the shores of “This Blessed Isle”. Whenever you get back to the gap, the tendency is to judge the pull into thought as a miss-step, as a problem, as another failed attempt to be present. That’s the next thought! Watch it … and you’re back on the shores again. Keep watching and eventually what will begin to happen is that the gap will become the resting place, the Home of your reality which it is anyway. And things will begin to reverse themselves as you’ll find a natural pull back to shore … without judgment and without effort. You’ll see that in truth you’ve never been anywhere else … it’s only thought that has been riding the currents of your own beingness.

So, every moment offers another precious opportunity to see things as they are. With thought and without thought. And things as they are doesn’t mean that the gap is better.It simply means that you are no longer seeking yourself out in your thinking … you are no longer trying to find joy, peace or happiness with thoughts. All thoughts die! What you will see is that the ultimate freedom, peace,  joy and happiness lies in the realization that what’s been holding you captive is your identification with  your own thinking.

This is where it all turns around. This is where “This Blessed Isle” becomes the Ocean of Awakened Beingness… your own Presence. This is where you and That are no longer at odds. You no longer seek yourself. You see that there really is only This … only That.

Now the great work begins.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

This Is It

The water calls me ... draws me out ... gingerly, gently, tenderly ... slowly tantalizing my ear … then my heart … then I’m gone.

It doesn’t take much you know. We are all sitting at the water’s edge, the waves come and go, the wind blows sand in our face … and there’s that constant call.

Yet, we lie distracted. Mesmerized by our own thinking … lulled asleep by the incessant sound of the words in our heads. But, these too are made from the water … this great spread of infinite, fathomless deep and dark …

Calling us in, even the thoughts that chime into words and pictures, these too are the froth and tumble of the ocean’s edge.

But we fail to recognise this. It’s all made out of nothing … we know it in thought, in words: emptiness is form … form is emptiness.

We do know this now, yet, mysteriously the form still smothers the emptiness and the emptiness empties out the form.

As water splashes at my ear … and the constancy of the sound wends its way through my heart … my eyes suddenly come to a stop and my ears actually hear … and the splashing sound of the words finally peak into stillness.

“This is it!”… The sand blows into my face, stinging my eyes as my lips taste the brine that’s lingering here; right here … “This is it…”

The words ring true. The words feel wet and taste salty as they splash through the sound barrier right to my very soul.

“This is it…” Can my heart bear it? Can these two existences finally merge or do I forever draw that line in the sand?

But wait … Nothing whispers louder than ever now. Bouncing round my head, this echo of emptiness storms the gates … without even a whisper, “This is it…” … breathes deeply inside my chest.

I stop …

I listen … I look … and, I allow. And the cold wet splashing against my ankles feel just right, just so … “This is it …” Just right … just so. This is it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Welcome to the New Earth!

What is this deep mystery that pulses through this body … this that breathes through each breath … this that feels through every feeling? What is this vast and unimaginable force that brings life, consciousness and awareness to all that it courses through? What is this that our thoughts call “me”? And how could this vast, infinite and deeply impersonal presence even be hinted at as a “me”? What is this?

Looking out, as far as the eye can see and as far as the inner eye can imagine … it’s all this same “one”. Looking in, as far back as we dare to look … it’s here … vast, unfathomable, infinite, eternal, breathtakingly incomprehensible. And we dare to call this “me”?

This deep mystery that peers through these eyes limits itself into our thinking mind as a thought, an idea, an image of “me” and for most of us, this goes unchallenged until the day we die.

What happens if this that flows through all form, including “me” and “you”, what happens if this is explored … unmasked? Where will it lead us?

I don’t know. “I” will never know the truth of this foreverness, this that sits at the heart of all of existence. In abandoning the search to know intellectually, we venture into new territory, into uncharted waters where perception shifts from thinking and feeling to formless sensing … the instantaneous awareness of what is before we begin to think about it. This takes place before time takes hold of it … it’s profoundly present yet ungraspable, unreachable, untouchable with our minds.

But it can be “seen” … it can be “known” … In fact, it’s always already seeing, always already knowing … without any content.

It’s a felt sense that feels before it’s felt, seen before it’s seen, known before it’s known … it’s “seen the moment you look, free the moment it’s seen…” every moment.

So what is This? This deep, vast, great mystery of being at play here? What is it?

It is our true nature, always forever here, always forever present … simply seeing, knowing and being in this totally unimaginable way.

Come back to This … honour This … it’s what you really are, always have been and always will be. Release the “known” and allow this unimaginable unknown to be your constant “felt reality”. It’s always, forever now … welcome to the New Earth!


We exist in eternity
Dreaming we are caught in time.
We embody infinity
Yet dream we are confined in space.

What a trick …
What a Master Illusion this is.

We purposefully limit
And confound ourselves
So we may experience
What is beyond experience.

Love calls …
We prick up our ears
Our hearts open
And we listen. 

If we open up enough
It all turns upside down and outside in.
And we “see” what can’t be seen
And “hear” what can’t be heard.
And feel what is beyond feeling’s grasp.

Eternity breathes
Infinity awakens
And life is witnessed as Itself.
Aware, awake and alive …
Fully alive forever now.

When the conundrum
Of this Master Illusion
Is seen through
We are at risk of realising Truth.
Ah what a joyously empty surprise!