Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It Never Leaves Us

Have you lost sight of why ...
Just why you are here?
Have you forgotten your life's purpose?
It's so very easy to forget ...
To lose ourselves in our becoming.
But why have we chosen to become?
Why are we here?
This question sits burning in our belly.
It lays dormant at times
and at other times it's fully aflame.
But it never leaves us.
Every step we take is towards the answer
even when we face the opposite direction
The answer to Why?
It can't be said
It can't be spoken.
Yet we can know it
directly know it
by seeing it
by being it.
This is the only purpose of our becoming.
To recognise what lays
at the heart of all things ...
And ... it won't leave you alone
until you face this question squarely ...
Even then, it will continue to inform you.
To plumb even deeper.
For to Know has no bounds.
Becoming is the joyous expression
of that which always is.
Ah ... such joy ...
To see ...
To know ...
To be ...

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