Thursday, October 22, 2009

Here's the Secret

Every time you feel a negative reaction from someone, always check back to yourself as it's really a gift from the Eternal Vastness. Always check back to yourself ... and ask yourself:
How was my communication? Was I clear and honest or was I out of integrity?
Was I annoyed about something the person did as I spoke to them?
Did what I say have a negative charge in some way, even if the words themselves didn't?
We are all incredibly sensitive beings and there's immense learning available in every encounter and exchange with each other.
If a negative charge is perceived, turn it around ... Turn it around and take 100% responsibilty for it ... for your portion of the exchange.
You ultimately are 100% responsible anyway, even if you were not annoyed and the other person simply misunderstood or misinterpreted you ... how you react or respond though, is 100% your responsibility. It's the difference between acting out of awareness and (re)acting out of unconsciousness ... It's the difference between acting out of love and acting out of fear.
Here lies the Ultimate Secret:
You are 100% responsible for your own world and every one else is 100% responsible for their own world.
And the Secret is in fact a Gift.
Honour it ... Treasure it ... Practice it.
It's infectious and very contageous ... Share it and watch awareness and love grow in you and the world around you.
You are 100% responsible!

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