Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Soundless Sound is the Sacred Ground

We can allow for the Unstruck Sound ... the Soundless Sound to be the ground of Being. Allowing thought to exist ... allowing images to come forth ... allowing feelings to be felt ... allowing for what is, to simply be as it is.
In allowing for This to simply be - that Silence that sits behind and embraces and supports all and everything - a great love is witnessed. This great love is the Knowing of the Divine that informs and inspires us at every turn.
Honour this ground of perfect, pure, pristine Beingness that is sweet, clear and everpresent ... This is who you are. Let it embrace you as It embraces all of life.

As I sit ... look out/in ... a few moments as I settle ... the birds singing ... the wind blows gently across my face ... it builds and swirls ... a truck rumbles down a road in the distance ... a faint smell of something lovely cooking ... the sun warms me ... the distant hills glisten peacefully as they embrace me ... all the trees so at peace ... all this ... vast, beautiful, perfectly at peace ... life ... in joyful presence.
What I am looking at is what is looking ... all this I am and more ... what a gift. All this loving, peaceful surrenderedness ... all as far as the eyes can see and beyond in infinite concentric circles ... as far as the ears can hear, touch, smell ... and more, and deep deep beyond.
To have this instrument to reflect back into, all this that I am ... and this is only the physical ... the same for each inner region. Infinite, endless and eternal realms of feeling, of thought, of memory, of intuitive arising ... of Light, of Sound ... of God's love.
If all is simply a degree of expression of this Divine Love ... this I am ... this you are ... this is all there really is.
How much of this eternal truth are we ready or willing to embrace?
To the degree that you are prepared to honour and accept your Eternal Vastness ... to this very degree will It express and reveal Itself in your world.
Honour the "forever already/always" that shines within you right now and you are already always free.

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