Friday, May 14, 2010

The Way Love Works

Do you ever get that deep feeling of deep pain in the belly, often connected with a situation with another Soul, one that has left this deeply uncomfortable disturbance in your gut? We know that it's connected to the person and the event, possibly even seeing clearly a transgression that's taken place by ourselves. But, if you stay with the sensation rather than try to flee it, there's much to learn and, as importantly, much to resolve.
Staying with the discomfort of the painful sensation can at first trigger thoughts, images and feelings relating to the event. If we stay with the sensation without going into the thinking and emotionalising about it, but simply staying with the sensation, we can allow ourselves to deepen into the subtle layers of it. By simply allowing it to exist, we allow it to slowly but surely dissipate, not only within ourselves but also within the other. And, this also brings with it immediate karmic resolution. This sensation can actually act as a point of transition from one state of consciousness to another, without leaving any karmic residue or overtones that would require revisiting and resolving into balance at a later time.
By simply sitting with the sensation we are plugging into the Universal consciousness that allows for both parties to clarify, realise, deepen and come into peace - without any karma being created.
And, it's also bigger than this. It's not just two people clarifying and resolving and learning but the consciousness itself is doing so. This means that others who would also encounter a similar exchange would be given a greater opportunity to clarify and resolve the energy within themselves.
We are not alone. We are all in it together. One gets hurt, we all do. One awakens, we all do. One finds peace and joy, we all do. This is the way love works.
Love and be loved.

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