Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shhh... No More Words

One glimpse and I'm gone
This heart heaves
Silence enters
And I'm only ears again
This precious gift
Listening closely ...
Feeling sweetly ...
This nearness ... Your nearnesss
dumbfounds me into oblivion
The bubble explodes into the crash
of the Infinite Ocean ...
All here ... all now
This isYou ...
Let this be as it is.
. . .
Rumi says: "Don't hide. The sight of your face is a blessing."
We are constantly in flux and play in the manifested world. Yet this life we live, just as it is, is God playing, loving, enjoying through us ... in us ... around us ... as us.
We don't need to go too far to see it as the miraculous interplay between Creator and created. Everywhere we look ... God is in it ... God is it.
"The sight of your face is a blessing," Rumi whispers. God's face is the manifested world and every creature in it. This is it ... this is God in full bloom.
Take one breath ... close your eyes as you do ... open them again. Wherever you land ... God is here. It's this close ... it's this immediate ... it's this true and real.
Even before we look ... the very breath in as it's being breathed is God's sweet embrace. Do it ... feel it ... let its sweetness and directness be felt ... be seen ... be tasted. How delicate, how exquisite, how intensely and profoundly immediate. God is loving you as your very breath. Absolutely miraculous!
Stop for a moment. Examine this miracle closely... no, not with your thinking but with your heart. Examine this breath ... right now ... fall into your heart and simply feel the immediacy.
God is here ... "I am here" is whispering as the very breath as it breathes itself into existence.
William Blake said: "Eternity is in love with the works of time." There's no separation here ... being is becoming and becoming is being. And what are these works of time? Look around you ... look within you. This is it ... the miracle of creation is God's love in expression. You are this. I am this. We are all this ... there's only this ... already, always only this.
"No more words. Hear only the voice within." This is Rumi's invitation to leap into the Silence. And as you do, this Master of Silence whispers in the hushed tones of the lover and beloved ...
"Remember, as you sink into the Silence, remember, as you listen to the voice within, as you take all these initiations that this poem has given you, remember all the initiations of the deepest secrets and scrub them out, because they have taken you to the place where you can now plunge ... remember, remember, the first thing he said was, we are beyond words."
"Shh ... No more words.
Hear only the voice within."

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