Thursday, June 17, 2010

Watch Carefully

"Liberation is never of the person, it is always from the person."
Nisagardatta Maharaj

Watch carefully:
Who are you spending time with today? Most of us don't know it, but if we look closely we'll find that most of our days are spent with phantoms. Most of our time is filled with fears and desires ... thoughts and feelings that have absolutely nothing to do with what is true and real.
Watch carefully:
Who are your companions today? Do you wander around in unconscious corners chasing shards of flickering light, all the while secretly yearning to be in the full sun? Do you preoccupy yourself in fear-based moments of "what might be" ... anxiously awaiting some imagined outcome that never arrives?
Watch carefully:
Each thought is a doorway. Do you move into these uninvited realms of fear and desire or do you catch these imposters before they take shape, masquerading as truth?
Truth is never far away. What is real doesn't take time to reach ... it's staring you in the face. What is true and real is here ... nowhere else ... never anywhere else ... always already here.
Watch carefully:
Who is this "you" that spins in this self-created dream of time?
See if you can actually locate this "you" you believe yourself to be ... let alone your fleeting yet constant companions.
Your challenge today is to see what's really happening within your consciousness. Be aware. Be present to whatever arises but, see if you can be awake enough to choose to stay present ... It's all up to you. Who are you spending time with today?

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