Saturday, February 12, 2011

You Are This!

We are often walking along the shores of Truth and Love ... feeling the splash of the great ocean's waves, the coolness, the freshness ... and it opens our hearts to an old familiar longing, this yearning that seems never to be quenched. We've come to see that this ocean of Truth and Love is who and what we really are, and as the waters lap at our feet and the immediacy of the water calms and soothes our minds ... we look out at the vast expanse, wondering ... I am That. Yet, the pull continues. The whispers taunt. The endless sound pierces our ears and our hearts ... I know it's This ... I am This.
So what does it take to make that final leap where all straddling between the appearance of two worlds ends?
My heart knows the answer, but my mind forgets ... or maybe it will never truly know, not as the heart does anyway. My heart whispers: Simply Be and See from This that you are.
The waters splashing at the heels of the mind will continue to splash as long as there are feet to meet the water's edge. But that Vastness, always already is. Your heart knows this, has always known this, eternally knows this. Simply be here in this heart-knowing. The mind will relax when you allow it to. Don't feed it fragments any more...simply be who and where you are...already always are. This Vast and Eternal You is here...let it in, let it enter you deeply, let it flood you completely...You are This , just as you are...simply accept it.


David said...

Silence can be found deep within,
By listening to yourself not think,
And feeling your heart warm to,
The flow of the moments you’re in.
Walk these moment-friends Home…
Br. Lawrence

painter penfield said...

Wow Leo..."The waters splashing at the heels of my mind." You are a master wordsmith. I actually heard a song and got motivated to compose upon reading that part ;)