Friday, January 14, 2011

Could You be a Master for a Day?

Could you be a Master for a day? What about today? What would it take to be a Master today? That Master already dwells within you ... right now, just where you are, exactly as you are ... if you allow for "who you really are" to come to the fore, the Master Within you will be here.
The journey between the confines of the "little me" ... that one we believe creates all our troubles, to that Master Consciousness that we believe we have to work at to become, is not as far as we imagine. In fact, when we realise just what it is that creates the gap between the two "the shift" takes place.
If the Master is here, then the Master is here.
If we identify ourselves with "little me" believing that the only way to Mastery is to fix "me"... change "me" ... enlighten "me" ... we will never allow for the Master Within to come to the fore.
This takes a shift in understanding, which only takes place once we've "seen through" the "self" we think we are and realised the "Self" that we really are.
This shift cannot be willed, forced, co-erced, created, affirmed ... it can only be "allowed" ... By simply allowing that which is Aware and Awake to be here ... That will flood into every moment of our life.
So ... to be a Master for a day ... why not begin by working gently with one small step ... Be a Master for a moment ... This moment.
Try it ... deep breath in ... look ... listen ... allow ... For this moment simply be.
Look through your own eyes ... feel the Presence ... be the Presence.
One breath in ... at the top of the breath ... open and allow ...
"The Master is here."
Feel it ... know it ... be it.
This is truth for this moment ... practice this many moments in your day ... especially when the challenges arrive. Instead of immediately moving into "little me" by default, practice this. Deep breath in ... look ... listen ... allow. Feel it ... know it ... be it.
So ... one "Masterful Moment" followed by another, then another ... practice this. Then see how your day works out ... Many "Masterful Moments" strung together in one day creates a "Masterful Day" ... Many "Masterful Days"creates a "Masterful Life ". So try it ... be Master for a day.

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Sanket said...

Hi Leo,

Thank you for your blog and for sharing what you share. I am looking forward to your album.

And thank you for this article. Thanks for reminding "me" and thus enabling me to be the master for a moment. I wont say what I will do in the "future" or what I have tried in the "past", just thanks for reminding me of the now now :)