Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Listening for you is all I do these days.
Secretly going about my work ... eyes open ... heart full.
When I stop ... even for a moment ... I hear you.
How clever to be so close yet so buried within the world around me.
But it's no secret anymore. My heart's ear tickles with delight the moment I listen ...
And I hear This glistening brilliantly within me and outside too.
This life lives itself ... wakes up each morning ... moves and touches the unity everywhere.
Who is this that breathes each breath?
Who is this that listens for You ... looks out for You?
Trace this back in.
It's a direct link ... a direct road ... there's nothing more immediate.
Ask this one question with your heart and the work is done.
Listening is a deep mystery ... a profound secret that eludes most,
yet continually awakens those who stumble through its doorway.
The wonder of the world awaits the Lover ...
Listen my friend ... listen as you've never done before.
And notice who is listening ... and who is hearing.
Listen ... listen ... listen


painter penfield said...

I love this!

Mountain Angel Crafts said...

Wow! Wonderful! Thank you for the gift of your words.