Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Spirit in Me IS the Spirit in You

"The Spirit in me is the Spirit in you."
Seeing is one thing, being is another. Seeing is subject/object ... duality. Being is non-dual ... when the seer and the seen become one, only This remains ... only Thee, only God ... and It just is.
When we look at another and see them ... what are we actually seeing? What is it that's being perceived as a "them"?
If we stop for a moment and drink this question in, we'll eventually meet our own reflection ... me looking at myself ... well, all that I believe myself to be or not to be. This reflection that swims around in the mirror of our minds, this you/me that we either like or dislike, that we either love or hate ... if we stop long enough to look deeply into the eyes, into the very heart of this mirror image looking back at us ... what do we find?
There'll be a moment when the flow reverses itself as the looking becomes a flow that moves back in ... deeper and deeper back in. If we are daring enough, courageous enough to keep allowing for this inner flow to continue, we'll reach a place where no "me" exists ... subject/object ceases to take place and seer and seen merge into being. No form exists here, no boundaries ... simply the awareness that life is ... life simply is. There's not even a flicker of thought that diminishes the presence of Eternal Vastness, the All and Everything in it ... there's not even a semblence of thought that whispers "I Am This" ... even this is distant and removed from the truth of It ... yet is still a part of It.
Spirit simply is, and as we allow the flow of our attention to return to the world , we still find a "me" sitting here writing these notes, and a "you" sitting there reading these words. And, it's real enough, it's all solid enough but it's not the whole truth is it?
One breath in ... tracing back the flow of attention back into its source ... one breath in is all it takes and here it is ... just as it is: The Spirit in me is the Spirit in you.

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