Thursday, July 8, 2010

Simply This ... Simply Love

Today I've entered the secret ... this marvel of awakening that takes place every day ... every day without exception.

I wake up into this body and with it, this world. And all around me ... the world rejoices in full celebration. Sometimes loud and furious, sometimes gentle, soft and sweet ... each day in a completely new way, yet each and every day here it is ... we wake up together in the world ... me and all my creatures.

Sitting here, I raise my head to the greatest brother of all, as it shines its morning light filled glory on all and everything equally.

"Here I am," it shimmers in delight.
"Let there be light ... let there be love."

Silently whispering its heartfelt connection to all life, I too am grateful for its presence ... this that brings life to all life.

As I breathe in, head tilted up towards Brother Sun, its gentle warm rays caressing my face ... simply loving. And this is here for every one and every thing ... how miraculous ... how profoundly miraculous.

I partake of this secret mystery ... this co-awakening every day. Looking up, out and in, all I see is the love that God gifts us with through this creation ... me and all my creatures ... thank you for today.

You don't have to do
anything to be
who you are
I love you as
you are ...
No ... it's closer
and deeper than that,
I love you.
No ... even deeper ...
I love ...
No ... deeper, still deeper ...
this is it ... in one word: love.
Breathe this one word in, trace it back to its true heartfelt meaning ...
back in to its source,
to love itself and you have it all ...
You are free as you are
pure, whole, clear and complete.
As you breathe in,
say it: love.
As you pause,
allow it: love.
As you breathe out,
share it: love.
It's simply this, simply love.

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