Saturday, August 28, 2010

That Placeless Place

There's a place where the sun forever shines ...
Do you know it?
There's a place where who you truly are is always constant ...
Have you seen it?
There's a place that whispers a magical Hum...
Can you hear it?
There's a place that allows, simply allows for all that is ... to be as it is...
Can you be it?
Beyond the thought
Beyond the emotion
Beyond any birthed notion of "something"
There is This ...
This placeless place.
Call it what you will, but don't seek it. Let it simply reveal Itself.
You cannot go there.
Going creates distance.
Simply allow It to be seen, to be known, to be felt.
Ah ... Already gone too far. "How" cannot take you there. How does not qualify as a way ...
There is no path. Only allowing for what is, to be. Any movement towards it is in fact a movement away.
The Call simply calls.
When you hear It, was it because you listened?
No ... you heard because you were open ... ready ... willing ... available.
This is all that's being asked of you: Be willing to let It come into view. When It does, this placeless place will be real, true and lasting.
Ideas will still come and go. Feelings will continue to arise and be felt but this placeless place will have made itself seen and known.
No turning back now. No more forgetting ... no remembering even. Simply the allowing for This that always already is ... always already was ... always already will be, to be. Simply allow.

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Does it matter? said...

hey Leo,

This is soul stirring;how could it not be...after all it originated in that very "placeless place". Thank you for sharing it with us.