Sunday, April 29, 2012

Honour this. Love this. Share this.

We are all watching our own self-made movie. Each thought and emotion, a single frame that has no real power on its own, but once strung together and put into motion, creates the greatest spell ever imagined … and we create it all, we partake in it all, drawing forth from the well of our hearts the feeling that drives us on and keeps us spellbound.

When the thoughts slow down enough, we catch a glimpse of the emptiness between frames … and the illusion is temporarily halted, this is meditation.

When the thoughts stop completely … the empty vast, pure and complete canvas is revealed for what it is – God’s love.

If, as the film is rolling, we are able to “know” the samsaric nature of what is being witnessed, we can still experience all the depth of emotion that the movie shares, but we know we are the movie’s creator. We are witnessing our own minds in movement, we create the movie, we roll the film, we view it, we react to it, we entertain ourselves by our self-made drama, and so it goes, on and on and on … until that moment when the spell is finally broken, when we “see” the truth of what’s really taking place here.

All of it. Absolutely all of it is a fabrication of our own minds, of our own imagination … every single bit of it …. “something” manifesting out of “nothing”.

When this is seen through, there’s no more hiding, no more pretending, for we now “know”.

Yet, the movie keeps on playing; the thoughts and emotions keep on rolling, creating this semblance of reality.

We don’t run from it though, we now allow it … watch it, enjoy it, feel it in all its glory and open up to the miraculousness of it all.

Not by ourselves, but with everyone. For all and everything exists in this movie. Every living, breathing creature of God is in here with you … one with you.

We may well have witnessed the reality of our own creation but we also realise with it, our unity with all that is. Separation is no longer real. It’s all happening in here … right here … You, me and everything else being co-created in this grand spectacle, this magnificence within my/your … our mind.

Honour this. Love this. Share this.

“Realise the grand unique principle of the whole that is in all men.”

- Rabibdranath Tagore

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