Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bring Your Heart in Today

Bring your heart in today.
Too often we lose ourselves in our heads.
Life loves balance.
God is here, why not play your part in allowing for This everpresence to be seen ... to be felt?
Your loved ones will notice it especially.
Bring your heart in today.
It doesn't take much really ... just be present.
In being present, listen.
In listening, feel.
Feel and allow ...
The greatest way to show your love is to see the people in your life
Bring your heart in today ...
Watch what happens as you do.
Little things will start to shine.
Those simple, gentle, sweet moments so easily overlooked.
Breathe as you notice ... feel as you listen.
Let yourself be touched by life in this very natural way.
Bring your heart in today.

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