Monday, August 15, 2011

One Breath In, One Breath Out

Clearly ... there is only This.
To be separate is to forget,
yet ... no matter, for even in separation there is only This.
We can travel great distances,
we can seek out and plumb deep chasms of unknown,
we can fight huge foes ...
we can lose ourselves in vast expanses of despair ...
yet ... we are always already here.
The path and the goal are forever one,
all vanishes in the light of This,
This that is always here.
When we learn to breathe and be happy in each breath,
we discover a willingness to not be, for Being's sake.
Not that we disappear or don't matter any more
but the emptiness washes in and clears the view
for the richness of completeness to be seen:
"Seen the moment we look...
free the moment it's seen."
This instruction arrives and opens the heart to the unlimited vista
before us, within us ... as us.
Clarity is an empty gift.
It doesn't add ... it doesn't take away,
it simply reveals.
When the heart is laid bare and we are willing to
remain its naked recipient
Great Peace arrives and moves in.
We wonder ... with open eyes and open heart
what is possible?
Staying this way requires only the slightest effort,
coming from the the deepest depths of us.
It's no effort really, just the willingnesss to - breath by breath -
allow and no longer cling.
My joy is Joy Itself...
Pure, Whole, True, Clear ...
Radiantly rich in empty presence.
This is the Joy that sits within every heart.
One breath in, one breath out ... this is all it takes.
One breath in, one breath out ...

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