Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love Enfolds ... Love Unfolds

Love enfolds ... Love unfolds. Within and without, not human love but Divine Love, holds the universes together. This that we seek ... This that calls us Home ... This that inspires, awakens and breathes life into us each and every moment ... call it what you will, in truth is Love.
The creative impulse to become is none other than this Love calling ... The inner pull drawing us back into the unmanifest ... to simply be, is none other than this Love calling.
Love loves. This is Love's nature. And in loving, God is revealed. Not in some distant heaven or long waited for tomorrow but today ... right here, right now ... Love always already is.
To know this Love is simply a matter of releasing the reins of fear and hope. Fear is obviously in the way of Love's fuller expression but hope ... why not hope? To hope is to flee Love's presence in the opposite direction to fear. In hoping, we push ourselves away from Love's constancy, in fear we pull ourselves in retreat of its constancy. Belief in the lesser truths, the relative realities of fear and hope keeps us chained to the unrealised. Living in belief of any truth is in fact living a non-truth, for the realisation of Love's constancy requires a letting go of all belief as beliefs are always still one step away from reality ... one step away from Truth itself.
Love flows through all life, in all worlds and, transcends them at the same time.
Love gifts Its presence as a perpetual Lovingness to each and every one of us, each and every moment of each and every day. This ... This ... just as it is, is Love's presence and Love's expression.
Realise that the Love you so desperately seek is already given ... it's the living truth that is before you now ... nothing is missing from your life ... it's all right here. Simply fall back into the Eternal Vastness that always is ... that you already always truly are. This is Love.

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Teresa said...

Leo, Beautifully expressed, you are so spot on.