Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Living as Truth

Living the Truth is equal to living as the Truth ... to live moment to moment as This that always is requires a natural falling back into Eternal Vastness.

Nothing to do ... nothing to fix ... nothing to change. All that we are, already is. It is this immediate. The trap in the human condition is simply a mistaken identity. We haven't been guided to "see" from This ... This totally unified, unidentified vast and eternal beingness ... This that always is, simply looking through our eyes ... these eyes.

It doesn't require any real effort ... not physical or mental effort anyway ... just the willingness to pull back and fall back into This ... the Eternal Vastness that we really are.

So, are you ready? Are you willing? Are you open enough to come back to This completely? Are you filled enough by the falseness that continues to fill your days? Have you had your fill yet?

It's only this that will free us, simply because only when we've truly had enough of the pretense ... the false existense in the limited confines of the mind ... only when we've done this version of life enough, when the divine discontent surfaces acutely enough, are we given the opportunity to take that last step to liberation.

The "feel good" moments won't do it ... it's this final seeing through of the illusory aspects of attached living that creates the impetus for a natural swinging back inwardly to take place.

This that we truly are looks through the body/mind ... thinks through our thoughts ... feels through our feelings ... but is no longer identified with all of the phenomena.

Love swims here in the full embrace of This that always is ... This that always knows. Love is the fabric of This that's looking through these eyes ... thinking through these thoughts ... feeling through these feelings ... Love is awareness in action. It's the primal, unconditioned, natural, authentic and original beingness that animates and sustains us. Love is life itself. Yet this love is beyond feelings of good and bad. Love is the unconditioned, totally complete, unboundedness that is all of life. It's a mystery that can't be spoken ... whispered maybe, but only to those who are open, who've caught a glimpse and tasted of their eternal, divine nature also. Love is This ... This that pulsates as moment to moment living truth. This you already are. Recognise it ... realise it by simply falling back into This ... You already are This ... Always, already free.

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