Thursday, February 20, 2014

Playing Inner Scrabble

In a dream  the other night I was playing a game of “Inner Scrabble” with a small group of people. We had all picked our seven letters, then arranged them into words. This was similar to the normal game of Scrabble, but we didn’t win or lose by the word score, but by the word’s true worth, it’s meaning … and everyone could be a winner.
One person in the group complained that they had a bad batch of letters … “You picked them,” I said. “But you can exchange them for another set if you want to.”
Life’s a bit like this: A bunch of letters drop into our world … we can choose another set, or we can settle for what’s arrived, making the most of it. No matter, it’s ultimately up to us to creatively arrange the chosen letters into words … these words become thoughts …which then become actions … which we then experience as our karmic journeys … our very lives.
We can work with the first set that pops up and create wonderful lives … if we learn how to live … or we can keep forever trying to get a better set, a more perfect set of letters.
But, it’s not the letters, but how we arrange them that counts. Sometimes, a “bad” batch can create miraculous results … winning right through our lives. At other times a “good” batch can deliver one misery after another.
It’s not about the letters, it’s how we arrange them that counts.
So, here we go … let’s say you pick the letters “V” … “I” … “L”... “E”…
What would you make out of this set?
1.       Vile?
2.       Evil?
3.       Veil?
4.       Live?
Same 4 letters … such different outcomes.
So then you receive the letters “G” and “O” …
Add these to the letters above and see where it takes you … I’d take it here: LOVING,
with a letter “E” left over to become whatever it chooses to be.
If a “B” happens to show up, you are home.
Be Loving …

We create it all.

PS Did you notice that I didn't pick the letter "N" above? Ah ... no matter, I didn't either until after I wrote this. Again, it just  goes to show ... It's not about the letters or how many, but how we arrange them.

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