Friday, July 12, 2013

Freedom Is

The need to be free is really the ego feeling its own self-made entrapment. In truth, Freedom is.

Freedom is our own true nature … as Unconditioned Awareness, there is no movement into or away from This, this that we always are and always will be. The only movement “towards” or “away” from This, takes place in our minds. Our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our sensations … all simply happen, yet the pull “for” or “against” them is what creates and perpetuates the semblance of separation, the split that is the need to go towards or away from something else, something other than what is, ultimately the movement away from This … and that’s why we suffer.

Freedom is. These two words speak volumes about truth, reality and suffering. As soon as our attention falls into identification with our thoughts, we lose ourselves yet again in the egoic trance that holds 99% of humanity captive.

It’s subtle … yet, it’s also very simple: Freedom is.

It’s not a constructed or created form of freedom but the actual Free Beingness that allows for all of life to continue to live and evolve.

This innate freedom is the very fabric of life itself, it’s the backdrop of life and it’s also the foreground. It’s all this very same one Freedom, breathing Itself into each moment, being each moment … allowing all of creation to pulsate, expand, contract and express and be.

Yet, something so constant, so present and so readily available is so very easily overlooked. Why and how?
Our inability to recognise what’s actually happening  keeps us captive and spellbound in our heads.

The truth is, free we are … vast, eternal, pure, clear, loving and so very real ... just as we are.

This … This … This … This one 4 letter word points to This that is.

If we let go, stop trying to hold It, stop trying to find It, stop trying to know It … This reveals Itself.

Freedom is … simply drop back in … not in movement, but in that simple allowing that calls us back to the Heart.

Here, all is clear. The Heart is the Infinite Eternal Spacious Beingness that simply is and simply allows … see This … Know This … Be This ...

Freedom is in This.

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