Sunday, September 11, 2011

This is the Greatest Show on Earth

The natural world around us thrills to the touch of the Divine. In quiet surrendered stillness, great love and great peace flows through every branch, flower, every blade of grass and leaf.
Spend a moment with a tree ... or a flower or even a leaf, and feel the pure pulse of God's Presence. An everflowing rush of joyousness coursing through the veins of all creation.
This very same Thrill flows through you. It's the Love of Being ... God's Love of Being, manifesting through all and everything and through you.
As I sit outside, taking in my surroundings, every sound ... the bird twittering, the dog barking, the wind blowing through the bamboo ... all of it thrills my senses awake as I allow This to be my felt reality.
As I breathe in, I feel a sweet, gentle caress that brings with it a deeper sense of connection with this Presence. Letting go with each breath, the vast expanse begins to penetrate ... and take over. Thought subsides ... hearing happens ... feeling enjoys ... soft, almost imperciptible, long-forgotten aromas dance around me and waft through me ... my eyes soften and simply see, feeling every form. I am This ... all of This ... and at the same time a vehicle for This. Both the receiver and that which is being received in each moment. And the more I allow for This to be, the more This is.
By letting go of the thoughts about things, the obvious "Eternally Here" of God's Presence immediately reveals Itself ... no effort, simply allowing, allowing this body to simply be a conduit of perception by just being with what is, as it is. There's a sweet contentedness here that can't be matched, an expectationless beingness that simply sits in the pulse of the Joy ... that is the Joy Itself.
"I" quietly takes a back seat as This ... All of This moves to the fore ... "I" is not in any way more important, simply part of This.
A sweet encounter with This daily, does much to to release us from the constraints of the "me" thoughts we take so very seriously.
If you're looking for a way to free yourself from your "me-ness", there's no easier approach than this ... this full surrender to God's sweet embrace. As It's the only constant, we may as well avail ourselves to This now ... delaying the inevitable leap into the sweet embrace only perpetuates the suffering.
Simply open up to the natural Thrill of the Touch of the Divine ... It's happening right now, right here.
This is the Greatest Show on Earth and it's here just for you.



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