Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Be Who You Are

Okay … that moment is here. Now is the time to “Be who you are”. The world is calling out for open, clear vehicles. Forget all those thoughts about “not yet ready”, “need more time”, “not worthy”. You are ready, no time is needed, and you are worthy … just as you are. The world is reeling right now and conscious channels for peace and clarity are required.
You are part of the plan. If you have caught a glimpse of the Eternal Vastness that sits at the heart of you, it’s time to allow for This to come to the fore. If you have tasted of Its magnificence but still entertain notions of, and identify with the “little me” ideas that so dominate the thinking … the moment is upon us. If you haven’t done it yet for yourself then do it now for the world.
Take note: You are not who you think yourself to be. Look … really look. Who are you without all those ideas about who you are? See This … know this directly.
Stop! Just where you are… right here, you already are all that which you have been seeking. Don’t go looking in your thinking mind for the truth of your own beingness. What you are … you already are. See this. No need to change your thinking, simply recognise that your thinking is not who you are and the thinking will change very naturally in response to this. The world now needs you. Just as you are. Don’t believe those thoughts about all the work that still needs to be done to get there. This is it. You are here … now. You are awake and if you rest in This for a moment, you will discover how so very close It is … how available and accessible This always is. It’s the very truth of you.
Do you feel it? Look around you. There’s nowhere left to hide. Clarify by simply being present. Be here and actively listen with your whole being.
Take note: The vast, infinite, intelligence … that loving, divine presence that you think you will one day become, you already are right now. The moment of truth is here. Take a deep breath … look … listen … feel … allow. Be here … be This … this undifferentiated beingness, and don’t be tempted to define it. Simply breathe … be … allow. This is where all your strength and inspiration comes comes from. Be This now.

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